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Pasola Jousting Festival 2014

Held on 01 February at Lamboya and 21 February at Wanukaka

This is a most exciting Jousting Festival where opposing teams run into each other on horseback, saddle-less, throwing blunt spears - called hola - to each other to unseat or hurt their opponents or horses. Fallen men or horses may not be attacked, but any blood flowing is believed to fertilize the soil and benefit the next harvest.

This year, the most thrilling annual traditional war game will yet again highlight Sumba Island, East Nusa Tenggara, where the breath-taking Pasola Jousting Festival gets underway on 01 February and on 21 March 2014.

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Pasola, Sumba Spirits 4D/3N

Watch Pasola is ancient and dangerous festival of west sumbaness. This program lasting for 4 days and 3 nights.


Megalithic Tombs 3D/2N

Visit megalithic grave stones with traditional house.


Sumba Beach And Traditional Village  5D/4N

Visit untouched beach and traditional village.

Why Sumba

The island of Sumba is well known of its sandalwoods, horses, impressive megalithic tombs, typical hand woven textile ("ikat"), and still untouched beautiful beaches.

How to Sumba?

There are two entering point in to Sumba island from anywhere in the Lesser Waingapu & Waikabubak (Tambolaka). These are the people could enter Sumba for either by flight or boat.


Sumbanese are primarily live from farming, cattle breeding, rice-field farming and trading. The number of cattle one owns, contributes to the social status.

About Sumba

Sumba Island belongs to the Lesser Sunda Islands. Sumba has an area of about 11000 square kilometres, so it is roughly twice the size of Bali.